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Shoulders of Giants is a high end branding, graphic design and visual craft house.  Specializing in complete brand packages - from Brand Strategy, to Logo Designs, to Graphic Design & Art Direction, to Copy-writing & PR, to Award winning 3D VFX, illustration, photography, prototype development, and ideas galore ... the Shoulders of Giants team believe conversations, questions and ideas lead to exceptional communication.


Having a presence on the web is essential these days. It is like your own online brochure, working for you 24/7, and accessible to anyone that should stumble across your brand via their cyber travels. You website may increases online sales, broadens your sales regions, and opens up a world of options that were harder to tap into when we did everything on foot. 

TIPS ...

SEO & META TAGS - A state of the art website is useless if you have trouble finding it via search engines. That would be like building your flagship store in a hidden mountain location. Lucky for you we are secret nerds that love playing behind the scenes to infuse your site with savvy SEO, keywords and meta tags that will get the attention of google.

GOOGLE MAPS - Are becoming a businesses best friend, with the location specifics now registering your device and making finding local information easier than ever.

LIST BUILDING + FREE OFFERINGS - One great way to build an email database, sincere followers, and an engaged audience is through list building. A great way to do this is to understand what value you can share, and to have this offering as one of the first greetings on your website home page. Remember, you could only have three seconds to capture this person before they move on. Talk to us for tips on list building ideas that could work well for your product or service.

NAVIGATION - Once you get people here, they need to be able to easily browse around. If it's too hard they will close the browser. No different than if you go into a clothes shop, and the racks are too tightly packed with coat hangers, you will probably just give up being curious because it's too hard.

RESPONSIVE DESIGNS - All our website and Apps are designed with the end user in mind, so we like to build sites that look great on any device. This is called Responsive Design, and means that the website automatically adapts it's layout depending if you are looking at it on a phone, ipad or large computer screen. With iphone and android traffic up now over 30% of all web traffic, responsive design is key to allow a seamless user experience no matter which device your audience uses.

SPACE - Don't be afraid to have a simple clean website. Allow your words, imagery, and content to stand out as if they area living at a cyber art gallery. Scientific research also backs this up with studies proving that the human brain doesn't like having to make too many decisions, and so if you can use your design to direct your customers attention you will more likely increase sales rather than promote indecisive visitors. (It's true. Ask us about the Jam study).

PLAYFUL ICONS - Graphic design can make navigation of your site way more fun, streamlined, and on brand to make your consumers user experience a pleasure ... and at the end of the day hold onto visitors for longer and increase conversion rates. Ch-ching.


To discuss your website requirements, please contact us.