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Shoulders of Giants is a high end branding, graphic design and visual craft house.  Specializing in complete brand packages - from Brand Strategy, to Logo Designs, to Graphic Design & Art Direction, to Copy-writing & PR, to Award winning 3D VFX, illustration, photography, prototype development, and ideas galore ... the Shoulders of Giants team believe conversations, questions and ideas lead to exceptional communication.


Social Media Marketing Specialists

Ahhh, social media - the lightening-speed, ever-changing, landscape of communication as we know it ...

What we love about Social Media is that it is like a word of mouth machine. And when you know how to tap into it, play with it, and get other people talking about your brand - then you are miles ahead of the pack.


The key thing to remember with social media is that it is fast, current, and consistent. It also has a shelf life shorter than a newspaper ... as the feed turns over at the speed of Usain Bolt. (Unless you have sponsored links in the mix). 

When it comes to frequency, knowing your audience is key. The average 60 year old follows a lot less pages, and may have less active followers, so their feed is potentially not as cluttered as your typical teenager who is manically trying to keep up with the fast paced social world that they live in.

Next - pick a maximum of three social platforms. You don't have time to be on everything. You just need to make an educated guess (with our planning support of course) to know where your clients are most likely to play, and which platforms showcase what you offer the best.

The other major movement in social media is to know your voice - or maybe even disguise your commercial voice - in the form of a non-branded facebook site that has a real feeling of community.

Tap into key influencers to increase your reach. Bloggers are the masters of word of mouth. They create content that people want to read. They also create content, where if done well people don't feel like they are being 'sold to'. We can either help you create a platform where you become the key influencer; or we can connect you with other key influencers that are a match with your industry or niche. The beauty of the influencer realm is that it is now largely digital - and most professional key influencers can provide you with data statistics so you know their reach in advance; and know how far your message travelled via their unique audience.

What you say, and how you make people feel is what matters in the social world. Conversations are key. Interaction and engagement is your life blood.  Finding your unique niche is super important. Social media can really help you build your profile as industry leaders, and also make a real difference in the world by sharing small snippets of information - benefiting people's lives in small but significant ways.


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