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Shoulders of Giants is a high end branding, graphic design and visual craft house.  Specializing in complete brand packages - from Brand Strategy, to Logo Designs, to Graphic Design & Art Direction, to Copy-writing & PR, to Award winning 3D VFX, illustration, photography, prototype development, and ideas galore ... the Shoulders of Giants team believe conversations, questions and ideas lead to exceptional communication.


With experience spanning over sixteen years - Kirsty and Layne make your life easy by delivering professional marketing and brand strategy, custom designs and world class creative assets.  

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BFG 3D VFX Street Scene Bricks and Buildings


Layne is a 3D digital vfx artist. He currently creates world class imagery and 3D models at WETA Digital - it's his dream job!

You can find some of his stunning visual work on movies: Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Valerian, The BFG, Superman vs Batman, Maze Runner 2, Planet of the Apes 3, and a few other top secret projects soon to be released.  

He also recently crafted a 3D pocket watch for the Stranger in the Worlde M2M books. Previously Layne worked in the commercials industry.

When Layne is taking a break from creating beautiful imagery you will find him at the nearest beach surfing, or enjoying family fun.




Kirsty has enjoyed working in advertising and graphic design agencies, as well as in senior marketing roles for the fashion and wellness industries.

Co-founder of two businesses, Kirsty knows how to get a company to reach break-even in less than 8 months; and has experience positioning a company, brand and it's staff as industry leaders within the Australasian market.

Kirsty is passionate about: typography, refined designs, brand integrity, photography, and supporting brands to effectively connect with people - adding value to people's lives. 

When Kirsty is taking a break from in her creative happy space - you will often find her: dancing, in nature, and having fun with friends and family. Kirsty also loves to write and draw for fun!


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