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Shoulders of Giants is a high end branding, graphic design and visual craft house.  Specializing in complete brand packages - from Brand Strategy, to Logo Designs, to Graphic Design & Art Direction, to Copy-writing & PR, to Award winning 3D VFX, illustration, photography, prototype development, and ideas galore ... the Shoulders of Giants team believe conversations, questions and ideas lead to exceptional communication.


The desire to reach for the starts is ambitious, the desire to reach hearts is wise. Maya Angelou

In the age of information, words are everything - and done well they can build the most wonderful relationships between customers and brands. Your audience may find they look forward to your digital newsletter arriving, or amused by a piece of copy that connects with them. Good copywriting is a chance to share what you believe, allowing consumers to marry their beliefs with yours.

Kirsty loves writing, and has experience as a copywriter working in leading advertising agencies, PR and marketing roles. She is also available for publishing and editorial work.


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