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Shoulders of Giants is a high end branding, graphic design and visual craft house.  Specializing in complete brand packages - from Brand Strategy, to Logo Designs, to Graphic Design & Art Direction, to Copy-writing & PR, to Award winning 3D VFX, illustration, photography, prototype development, and ideas galore ... the Shoulders of Giants team believe conversations, questions and ideas lead to exceptional communication.


It's our dream job making fantasy worlds and digital models for the film, publishing and VFX industries. Layne currently works at WETA Digital as a 3D modeller.

Layne has had the pleasure of working on Guardians of the Galaxy 2Planet of the Apes 3, Steven Spielberg's BFG, ValerianSuperman vs Batman, Maze Runner 2 - along with other top secret projects soon to be released. 

Please contact us for an itemised shot breakdown of film projects (Film showreel coming soon).

Layne has also made 3D artwork for books, print and tv commercials.


Please contact us to discuss a project.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2: Layne had fun making fractal models for the core and interior of the living planet, Ego. For a complete shot breakdown please contact us. (Employed by Weta Digital)

PLANET OF THE APES 3: Layne made some of the hard surface props, including the saddles for the horses, as well as landscape models and rock formations. (Employed by Weta Digital)

THE BFG: Layne modelled the Dream Mixer, waterfall drawbridge, buildings, helicopters, buildings, tables, jars, props and more. For a complete shot breakdown please contact us. (Employed by Weta Digital)